A golden time — that’s what Chris Anderson, his brother Aaron, and their friends expected of that final summer. Freedom, and lazy, pleasure-filled days before the responsibilities of college and career. An idyll in the seclusion of their newfound hideaway on the shores of three small lakes.

But Tri-Lakes is no oasis. A millennium ago it became the focal point of a powerfully malevolent force, and the remnants of an ancient Viking bloodfeud.

Hatred is its source.

Blood gives it power.

And only sacrifice can banish it.


“Hodge once again plays by the rules, but with a frightening catch … His characters breathe, and his prose is chilling and crisp.” — West Coast Review Of Books

“Hodge writes well, he is adept at both atmosphere and action, and his sense of story is good. Like [Stephen] King, whom Oasis continually echoes (but doesn’t copy), he keeps the reader’s interest — a major task for many horror writers today … He’s made the jump from the small presses to the mainstream in a short time. Oasis is one reason why.” — Fangoria

“Fine degrees of nuance and shading … Hodge’s knack is in invoking sympathy for his characters. He draws on a talented mix of humor and suspense to entertain. It makes for compelling style.” — Deathrealm