His touch can heal or harm. His fate is solitary. His agony belongs to us all…

He was born on a day of pain: November 22, 1963. He came of age in agony: that moment of tragedy when fun-loving rock-and-roll deejay Paul Handler discovered the inexplicable power in his own hands.

It is the power to make the wounded whole again. The power to make the lame walk and to heal the sick. It is a power that will sap his soul and plunge him into the world of a famous faith healer. It is a power that can turn to rage, even murder. It is a gift that makes Paul Handler a living, breathing human sacrifice.

For thousands of years, a secret cabal has guarded the lineage to which Paul is heir — scapegoats who have been forced to bear humanity’s anguish upon themselves. Now, while the cabal searches for him, and one man seeks to destroy him, Paul makes a lonely, frightening journey to the core of his identity and to his destiny … to all the pain his soul can bear, to all the redemption he can give, to the freedom that is death.


“A wonderfully complex book which works on many levels; not only is it an entertaining read, it also makes insightful observations about everything from love and self-sacrifice to the living habits of your average bachelor deejay.” — Cemetery Dance

“Enjoyable storytelling with a heart.” — After Hours

“A long, thoughtful examination of the corruption of power and the perversion of innocence, enlivened by first-rate characterization.” — Science Fiction Chronicle

“I can honestly say, without any reservation, that Deathgrip is the best novel I’ve read this year … full fruition of the promise shown in his earlier novels.” — 2 A.M.