Dark Advent

Dark-Advent-CDIt arrives without warning: a devastating plague, the medieval Black Death weaponized for the age of global terrorism. Like a biblical pestilence, it sweeps through modern civilization almost overnight, destroying good and evil alike. Leaving only a handful of survivors to make their way through an empty landscape, and face the unknown horrors that lay hidden in a savage new world.

In a deserted St. Louis department store, a few survivors band together to begin again. But beyond their temporary haven, an evil is stirring. An evil that preys upon human weakness for its own twisted ends. Soon, all that stands between the reborn world and a reign of insanity is this unlikely fortress of humanity, armed with what can be found on a department store shelf and what courage they can muster to battle a monstrous, merciless scourge.


“Never predictable, never boring, and not at all easy to put down. A fresh style that makes for a very enjoyable and often surprising reading.” — New Blood

“A very talented writer. His scenes blaze with energy and life, and his characters are very real.” — Robert R. McCammon, author of Swan Song and Speaks The Nightbird

The Cemetery Dance Edition and the Case of the Missing Afterword

Over the years, several publishers contacted me about bringing Dark Advent back into print, for a special limited or collectors’ edition or trade paperback. The point at which they always lost enthusiasm was when they learned how long the novel is, and translated that into production costs.

Only Richard Chizmar, of Cemetery Dance Publications, seemed undaunted.

“We’ll make it work,” he said.

And they did. Released in July 2015, it’s a beautiful edition, with wraparound cover art by Vincent Chong.

Just one glitch. A late-in-the-process production error led to the removal of the afterword I’d written to provide some 20-plus-years-later perspective on the novel.

It should be reinstated in the e-book edition, but for the hardcover buyers, the only way to read it is ala carte. Like this post from a week after publication.