Audio Stories

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AudiobooksIconThese audio stories come from different sources and different eras, from the very early to the fairly recent. Now they’re yours for the taking.

As time permits, I’ll be doing more of my own productions like “Extract.” Another is in the works.

To mainline these babies down to your own hard drive, right-click the link (control + click on archaic Macs) and choose the “Download” or “Save As” command.

“Extract” – Read by Brian Hodge, with original music and sound design. A terrified boy seeks control over the monstrous nocturnal entity known as the Tooth Demon. Originally published in Horrors! 365 Scary Stories. Download. (5:04, 9MB)

“Requiem” – Read by Joan Jett. On the anniversary of the tragedy that claimed the lives of an entire band, two bootleggers capture the spectral last concert they never got to perform. Originally published in Shock Rock. Dubbed from the audio edition. Download. (32:40, 24MB)

“Some Other Me” – Read by John Glover. After the loss of his brother, a guilt-ridden boy finds solace in the company of his mysterious downstairs neighbor. Written for Hear The Fear, an audio anthology. Download. (42:14, 33MB)

“Just Outside Our Windows, Deep Inside Our Walls” – Read by Brian Lieberman. Two mistreated children create a world of their own, three floors above ground level, to keep the adults at bay forever. Originally published as a digital short for Darkside Digital (now DarkFuse).

Sorry, but I can’t host this one directly. You’ll find it as episode 295 of the Pseudopod podcast, and can stream or download from there. (40:30)