The Abandoned Interview

by Brian on January 12, 2017

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The beginning of the year is a good times for wrapping up loose ends. Here’s one.

Abandoned-Shelves(425)Several months ago, at an online magazine, I took part in a group interview with a few other writers, including Jasper Bark, Jonathan Janz, and Mercedes Murdock Yardley. Word was, Kealan Patrick Burke would be joining us in mid-stream. One question every day or two or three, each of us weighing in. We all seemed to find it fun to see where we overlapped and where we diverged, and hoped you did too.

For reasons unexplained, the writer-blogger doing it dropped the project a little past the halfway point. Although the mag is still there, as of this posting it hasn’t had another update since. Weird, huh? The Q’s were already A’d in advance. All it would’ve taken was a few more minutes of copying and pasting.

Which was a shame, at least for anyone looking for potentially actionable creative insights … which was sort of the point of the thing. Those were mostly back-loaded toward the end.

I’ve finally stopped holding my breath. Here’s my slice of the project, in its entirety.

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