A New Interview … And, Oh Right, A Warning

by Brian on August 24, 2016

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Really? Two-plus months have gone by? The summer days get away from you when you’re convalescing.

In that late spring-early summer span, I had a stupid accident and didn’t merely rupture my left leg’s patellar tendon … I shredded it.

It’s not even a good story. It’s a good punchline. After years of Krav Maga, sparring, running, heavy lifting, swinging kettlebells, gonzo conditioning workouts, trail hikes, and more, I was felled by a freak laundry accident. The knee bone was no longer connected to the shin bone, and was instead riding up on my thigh.

Surgery? Mandatory. According to the physical therapist, I’ve shaved off three months of recovery time by starting my own self-rehab program a couple weeks after surgery, but it’s still a long, gradual thing to bounce back from.

Things are gearing up again, but for now, a new interview with me just went up at the web site of author Jason Bovberg. Who once upon a time, wearing his 10-gallon editor’s hat, coaxed out of me the only (weird) Western I’ve ever written, “Pages Stuck By a Bowie Knife to a Cheyenne Gallows.” Which you can find in this’un.

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