Lies & Ugliness now an E-book: Yeah, that did take a long time, huh?

by Brian on January 25, 2016

in Fiction

Sometimes things fall through the cracks of time and take waaaay longer than they should to get where they’re going.

Lies&Ugliness(265)And so it was with Lies & Ugliness, my third collection, which has at last been released in e-book formats by Crossroad Press. It’s available there and the other usual outlets: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and eventually Apple’s iBooks. So have at it, you.

Lies & Ugliness was originally published by Night Shade Books, with gorgeous dust jacket art by John Picacio. This new edition features a gorgeous, if very different, cover by James Powell, who also did the e-book covers for Oasis, Nightlife, The Darker Saints, The Convulsion Factory, and Falling Idols.

He was one of those people I met on Facebook, instantly clicked with, and hoped very much to meet someday. Until, in one of those senseless tragedies that makes you question everything, he and his girlfriend and mom were killed early one afternoon last May by a drunk driver.

I lost track of how many times I saw James update his Facebook status with some version of this: “Tonight I’m going to put on some coffee and make some art.”

I still miss seeing that. Because it always meant something good was on its way into the world.


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