Writers On Writing, Volume 2: Just like having an established author come over and eat all your food and tell you what you need to hear

by Brian on November 15, 2015

in Nonfiction

August saw the release of Writers On Writing, Volume 1, the first in Crystal Lake Publishing’s new series of punchy little collections of essays from those of us in the trenches. Volume 1 implies a Volume 2, does it not? And lo, it has arrived.

WOWv2_265My share of it is Part 2 of “The Infrastructure of the Gods: 11 Signposts for Going All the Way.” The first half, in Volume 1, addressed the writer’s mental game of work habits and mindsets. This second half looks at the writer as a social creature with a life and career beyond the page. I wrote it as a single essay, but it ran long. Fortunately, it had a natural break-point in the middle.

A few choice nuggets of something or other:

“If you come off like you need electroshock therapy and Thorazine more than you need a publisher … do I even need to finish this sentence?

“When in doubt, ask yourself this: If I behaved this way with a savage, would I risk getting my skull split?”

“The greatest sales job you ever undertake could be to convince [your family and friends] how important this is to you.”

“Many great works of art and literature have come from a place of mental illness, suicidal depression, and physical decrepitude. But let’s not consider these virtues to be cultivated.”

“Be the kind of professional that other pros prefer to deal with.”

I read Volume 1 last month, and found it brimming with helpful tips and food for thought, and this looks like a worthy followup.


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