Writers On Writing, Volume 1 and New Interview

by Brian on August 14, 2015

in Nonfiction, Press

It’s two-for-one day here in the update mines.

First up: I’ve somehow landed in the Author Spotlight at the Examiner.com.

WOWv1_265Secondly: If you have any of the sort of writerly inclinations that keep a butt welded to a chair for long periods of time, Crystal Lake Publishing’s new Writers On Writing series should be of definite interest. Volume 1 features nine authors giving nine perspectives on what’s important.

My essay, “The Infrastructure of the Gods: 11 Signposts for Going All the Way,” is a roundup of good habits, mindsets, work ethics, and codes of conduct that keep you going for the long haul and avoid self-sabotage. Learn from what I did right! Learn from what I did wrong! Learn from the inspiring and hideously nightmarish examples of others!

And be forewarned that it’s just Part 1. I ended up writing a double-length essay that had a natural break point in the middle, so publisher Joe Mynhardt opted to save the back half for Volume 2, which should be out in early autumn.


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