Dark City and “In the Negative Spaces”

by Brian on August 7, 2015

in Fiction

Released into the wild today: the result of what happens when you give a couple of writers half a book each to do with as they please.

DARK-CITY-Cover265Nobody planned it, but a sort of urban theme developed. Gerard Houarner split his half between a couple of longish tales: “Burning Bright in the Invisible Night” and “The Fear Puppet.” And with “In the Negative Spaces,” I went for what amounts to a short, super-tight novel.

This is the one I’ve been going on about at different stages during the last few months, with a stew of ingredients put together like a coked-up kleptomaniac got turned loose in a weird supermarket: Alternative evolution. Domestic violence survival. Manhattan real estate rapacity. DMT trips. Life as a doorman. Bitchy dream journaling. Russian mob tattoos. The Cambrian Period. With sweet-and-salty brownies for dessert.

The trade paperback and e-book editions are released today; the hardcovers were evidently sold out during the pre-order phase, and will ship in September.

Go directly to Necro Publications for the paperback, and links to various e-book formats. The Amazon link below gets you Kindle only.


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