Eulogies III: “One Possible Shape of Things to Come”

by Brian on July 30, 2015

in Fiction

Back in the late spring/early summer zone, I had what appeared to be a story-of-the-week club going, as pieces written at different times came out all at once.

E3Cover265Between the rest of them, and other things coming up and going on, this one got lost in the shuffle, announcement-wise. These things happen.

For me, one of the best things about Eulogies III is, for the first time since I don’t know when, to be sharing page space with Elizabeth Massie, my most longterm fellow scribbling friend. We go back to 198coughcough, when the both of us were a couple of unpublished hopefuls who went to the same writers conference in Boston that changed our lives.

Who else we got here? Let’s see … David Morrell, Ray Garton, Gemma Files, Chet Williamson, John Everson, and a number of other personal luminaries. Solid.

I’m batting cleanup at the end with “One Possible Shape of Things to Come,” which looks at a child standing in the corner and somehow finds the planetary extinction event in it.


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