Dark Advent Has Arrived! However…

by Brian on July 15, 2015

in Fiction

The good news: Cemetery Dance Publications’ big fat hardcover edition of Dark Advent, my early post-apocalyptic novel, was officially published the other day, and started shipping.

DarkAdventCDThe bad news: Virtually the entire print run was sold out prior to publication. Which was why, on the publisher’s site page for it, the book’s status jumped straight from not yet released to out-of-print.

The cross-your-fingers news: They mentioned that a few copies were still to be rounded up and would go on sale in a few days. As I post this, today is that day. First come, first served. I have no idea how long they’ll last. When they’re gone, very likely, they’re gone for good.

If you don’t mind a bit of delayed gratification, with the print edition sold out so soon, the e-book edition shouldn’t be far behind. And that, of course, will be unlimited.

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