Tales of the Lost Citadel: The Final 5 Days to Make This Happen

by Brian on July 7, 2015

in Fiction

I’ve never signed on for a Kickstarter project. Until this one. Should Tales of the Lost Citadel make its funding, it’s going to be a very cool to get your paws on.

LostCitadelCall it high fantasy suffering from terrible nightmares. Mastermind C.A. Suleiman has put in a ton of behind-the-scenes work already. In his day gig for White Wolf, Colin does game design, and really knows how to put an elaborate world together. The Writers Bible alone ran 44 pages in detailing a wild new mythology, and the artwork I’ve seen so far is gorgeous.

I’m one of 15 authors who will write the thing. But if the funding goes above and beyond into the Stretch Goals, the twinkly lights of my home studio will come to life, and I’ll be collaborating with Colin and H. Arnold Jones on a soundtrack album.

Check out all the particulars at the Kickstarter page, please … and see if it’s something you’d like to chip in on and help make happen.

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