Dark City: Let the Pre-Orders Begin

by Brian on June 23, 2015

in Fiction

Awhile back, David Barnett of Necro Publications gave fellow scribe Gerard Houarner and me each half a book to play with, and a kind of weird urban theme gelled naturally.

DARK-CITY-Cover265Gerard split his share between two stories with the evocative titles “Burning Bright in the Invisible Night” and “The Fear Puppet.” My chunk is an epic novella called In the Negative Spaces, which came together by throwing the oddest combination of elements into a bowl and going at them with an immersion blender: domestic violence survival, alternative evolution, Manhattan real estate rapacity, Russian mob tattoos, smart-ass dream journaling…

And somewhere in there, caramel-and-sea-salt brownies are served. Come for the brownies, stay for the blizzard and interdimensional  chaos.

Publisher-direct hardcover and softcover preorders are now live in advance of the August 7 release.

Or if you want to lock in that Kindle delivery now, Amazon will let you do that too.

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