Better Weird: “Eternal, Ever Since Wednesday”

by Brian on June 1, 2015

in Fiction

It always makes my tail quiver to be involved with new projects and see them born. The thrill never gets old. But there’s an extra layer of bittersweet significance to this one.

BetterWeirdCover265Better Weird is a tribute anthology to writer / editor / publisher David B. Silva. When in the 1980s he launched a quarterly magazine called The Horror Show, it gave a lot of fledgling writers their start. I was one of them. Outside of pieces in school literary magazines, Dave bought and published the first stories I ever sold. Definitely the first ones I ever mailed across the country.

He did more than publish. He mentored. And anybody who remembers the magazine will recall Dave’s regular editorial sign-off: “Better weird than plastic.”

After Dave died in 2013, his longtime friend and colleague Paul F. Olson rounded up a roster of writers who became fixtures in the magazine, and set us loose for one last go-around. Rich Chizmar, who has credited Dave with the inspiration to launch Cemetery Dance Publications, was the obvious choice of publisher.

E-book for now. Hardcover edition coming later.

I’ll have a few more words on this later in the week. For now, here it is, just a click or two away…

Cemetery Dance Direct • Amazon (Kindle) • B&N (Nook) • Kobo

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