In the Negative Spaces: It’s weird and pissed-off and coming sooner than you might think

by Brian on April 28, 2015

in Fiction

So there’s a new champion for “longest, most involved thing I’ve written that isn’t a full-blown novel.” I’ve just turned it in, it all came together quickly, and right now it’s on the fast track for publication in August.

Impending-StormsPage-per-page, In the Negative Spaces relied on the most eclectic mix of research topics I’ve ever thrown into the blender together. Including, but not limited to:

  • Manhattan real estate
  • The Cambrian Period
  • Life as a doorman
  • Alternate evolution
  • Russian mob tattoos
  • DMT trips
  • Secret recipe for sweet & salty brownies

Further details to come once the publisher makes things more official. Until then, have a brownie.

[Photo by Paul Bica. Cropped and used under Creative Commons licensing. Because there’s no cover art yet but this caught the right mood.]

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