Whom the Gods Would Destroy Now Available For Pre-Order

by Brian on November 11, 2013

in Fiction

Just in time as an antidote to the holidays, a family even weirder than yours: Whom The Gods Would Destroy is a month from release from DarkFuse, but the e-book edition up for pre-order now at 33% off, with fulfillment coming from Amazon.

WHOM-THE-GODS-250Call it 32,000 words of Carl Sagan gene-spliced with HP Lovecraft. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever written. The soundtrack I’m composing for it is the best music and sound design I’ve ever done, and will be available for free download by release day. It’s all coming together on this one.

This early review from the Examiner.com calls it “a strange journey into the human psyche and a reimagining of human history on a cosmic scale … This is a powerful novella … that will grow more powerful in the reader’s mind at its conclusion and almost beg for another reading.”

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