New Story Alert #3: Psycho-Mania!

by Brian on November 5, 2013

in Fiction

“We all go a little mad sometimes.” — Norman Bates

Psycho-ManiaAnd Norman’s father of sorts, Robert Bloch, plays the posthumous host to this whopping volume acrawl with his descendants. This thing is big. The title won’t cue you in, but it’s actually another in the venerable line of “Mammoth Book of…” books. It’s big, I tell you.

My chunk of it is “Let My Smile Be Your Umbrella,” inspired by the peculiarly American cult of 24/7 positivity, in which feeling glum is regarded as a personal and moral failing. I find something creepy about people who are so relentlessly upbeat that they wear this like a suit of armor. You just know something’s going to blow eventually.

So I carried this pathology to its logical extremes.

Apparently, while the UK edition is out, the US print edition won’t hit the shelves until next March. Kindle, though, is good to go anywhere.

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