Fearie Tales: Stories of the Grimm and Gruesome

by Brian on September 28, 2013

in Fiction

And the cluster of new releases begins.

Fearie Tales is the next book from the editor / publisher tag team of Stephen Jones and Jo Fletcher, who were behind 2011’s A Book Of Horrors, if you recall my novelette “Roots and All.” This time the directive … well, given the title and the subtitle, you kind of know what’s up.

For my part, I reworked the 19th century menagerie of alleged naughty children from Shock-headed Peter, which may have been history’s first Scared Straight program, German style. For more on that, here’s a quickie interview I did for fellow contributor Angela Slatter.

For now Fearie Tales is a U.K. release, including Kindle, but I believe that, as with A Book Of Horrors, a U.S. release will come later.

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