3 Books + 5 Stories + 1 Soundtrack = 4 Months

by Brian on September 3, 2013

in Fiction

So you work and work and work, and then, when you get the publishing dates, it looks like everything’s clustering all at once. Here’s a release schedule that lines it all up as I understand matters right now.

And if the calendar ends without every event coming to pass, it’s no apocalypse … just more to look forward to in 2014.

• “Eternal, Ever Since Wednesday” [soon]

In Better Weird, edited by Paul F. Olson. Remember when you were a kid and wanted a snow day to never end? Yeah, that, for this tribute anthology to the late, lamented editor, publisher, and writer David B. Silva. “Soon” … yes, that’s really the official estimate. (CD Publications)

• “We, the Fortunate Bereaved” [September]

In Halloween: Magic, Mystery, and the Macabre, edited by Paula Guran. I always wanted to do a story about (a) Halloween, and (b) scarecrow mythos. And finally have, combining them with ruthless efficiency into a single story. (Prime Books)

• “Let My Smile Be Your Umbrella” [October]

In The Mammoth Book of Psycho-Mania, edited by Stephen Jones. Tales of rampant craziness … which, for me, prompted an exploration into the dark side of relentless positivity. (Robinson – UK, Running Press – US)

• “The Same Deep Waters As You” [October]

In Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth, edited by Stephen Jones. Final volume of Jones’ long-running trilogy based on H. P. Lovecraft’s Innsmouth saga. My novella emerged from considering the fate of the longest-held enemy combatants in U.S. history. (Fedogan & Bremer)

• “Anything to Me Is Sweeter, Than to Cross Shock-headed Peter” [October]

In Fearie Tales: Stories of the Grimm And Gruesome, edited by Stephen Jones. From the same editorial team behind 2011’s anthology-to-beat, A Book of Horrors. This time we’re all drawing inspiration from fairy tales in their more archaic form, which were much more vicious than their sanitized latter-day versions. (Quercus / Jo Fletcher Books)

Whom The Gods Would Destroy [December]

Heavyweight standalone novella. I’ve done a lot of work featuring screwed-up families. This plunge into astronomy, off-world intelligence, and sociopathy features what is probably the most screwed-up family of them all. I’m even working up an original soundtrack for this one, which will be available for free download. (DarkFuse)

The Weight Of The Dead [late 2013]

Standalone novella of crime, punishment, and sanctioned predation in a close-knit society decades after a solar outburst has fried the world’s electronics. (CD Publications)

Dark Advent [late 2013]

Big, beautiful hardcover of my early post-apocalyptic novel, freshly tweaked and polished. (CD Publications)

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