First Look: The Weight of the Dead

by Brian on June 5, 2013

in Fiction

If you’ve acquired the new issue #69 of Cemetery Dance magazine, you can preview the first few sections of my accidental novella, The Weight of the Dead. Which should be released in full late this year.

When the CD crew asked me to write something for their “End of the World” special issue, I really tried to keep it within the standard allotment of 5000 words. Lord, how I tried. But the idea thrashed and slipped its leash, and needed more than three times the room to run free.

The solution: We’ll excerpt it for the magazine, then publish the novella separately as part of our Signature Series.

To that end, here’s the pre-lettered cover art by Erin Wells, who’s also done a dozen atmospheric illustrations to accompany the text.

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