First Look: Dark Advent v2.0

by Brian on May 28, 2013

in Fiction

I’ve had to keep mum about this one awhile, but finally I can speak freely without worrying about bruisers showing up to break my fingers. Cemetery Dance Publications is putting out a big fat hardcover edition of my early post-apocalyptic epic, Dark Advent. Which should be out by late this year, with the e-book edition to follow within a few months.

One reason to go for the print edition: the gorgeous cover art wrought by artist Vinny Chong, who also did the cover for my 2011 collection, Picking The Bones. It’s a wraparound panorama that takes up the entire dust jacket.

And while I normally give early work a light polish before it goes back into print, this time I put in so much labor it amounts to a brand new draft. Not to worry — nobody behaves any differently. Mostly it was about getting out of my own way, and clearing up a couple of lapses in logic. An afterword about the novel’s origins, etc., rounds the whole package off. This is going to be a beautiful edition that, unlike the original, will no longer require an electron microscope to read.

Further information and pre-order here.

In a coincidence of timing, late last month, Dark Advent made the list of “22 Pandemic Books To Read Before The H7N9 Virus Kills Us All.” Good company, there. And good advice.

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