First Look: Whom the Gods Would Destroy

by Brian on May 21, 2013

in Fiction

Back in March I wrapped up work on this heretofore unmentioned baby: Whom the Gods Would Destroy. Which is locked in for release this December from DarkFuse. How to describe it? Imagine a buffed-up H.P. Lovecraft mugging Carl Sagan in a dark alley, maybe, while Clive Barker paints a nightmarishly distorted portrait of Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Click to enlarge the lusciousness.

At nearly 32,000 words, it eclipses last year’s Without Purpose, Without Pity as the longest thing I’ve done shy of a full-length novel.

And here’s the cover already. I love it all the more because it doesn’t remotely look like any cover I’ve ever had.

As there’s ample lead time before publication, part of the plan for this one is for me to do an e.p.’s worth of dark space music as a kind of soundtrack to the text. I’m currently putting together a sound palette to work from this summer. Stay tooned.

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