In Honor of the David B. Silva Legacy…

by Brian on May 9, 2013

in Fiction

Way way back in the long ago, a writer-editor-publisher named David B. Silva became the first person on the planet to send me an acceptance letter for my work. I’d made a habit of winning or placing in academic-based contests, but this was something else. This meant more than all of those put together.

David B. Silva, 1950 – 2013. But his deeds live on.

It was for a short story called “Oasis,” which soon grew into my first novel of the same name.

Dave launched me. With his magazine, The Horror Show, Dave launched a lot of careers. An entire generation of writers and publishers is in his debt. It’s impossible to state, or even calculate, the full measure of his influence on my life.

Dave died in mid-March, gone far too soon.

So with understandably mixed feelings, I’m happy to have just inked the contract for one of the more meaningful stories I’ve ever written, finished in the bleary wee hours of yesterday morning. It’s called “Eternal, Ever Since Wednesday,” and it’s for an anthology being fast-tracked in Dave’s honor. Titled Better Weird, it couldn’t be in better hands: Dave’s editorial colleague Paul F. Olson, bringing it together for Cemetery Dance Publications.

How I always think of Dave: looking like a mountain man.

Why Better Weird? Dave’s old motto: “Better weird than plastic.”

I don’t yet know who else is in it, but I know who should be. We Horror Show alumni are legion. Look for an e-book edition soon, eventually followed by a hardcopy print edition.

I really hope to do Dave proud with this one.

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