Story News, Part 1: Danse Macabre: Close Encounters With The Reaper

by Brian on October 29, 2012

in Fiction

Like last year, this autumn has turned into anthology season, with a cluster of shorter works coming out at the same time. First up, there’s “For I Must Be About My Father’s Work,” a new piece I wrote for Nancy Kilpatrick’s Danse Macabre anthology.

It’s something I’d intended to write for ages, and is based on an incident in the life of Richard Kuklinski. If he’s not the most notorious killer in the history of organized crime, then he’s way way up there, and grew famous from a pair of HBO documentaries called The Iceman Tapes.

In the first one, Kuklinski relates an anecdote about pausing a murder to give a praying man time to wait for divine intervention. What I found fascinating was that it was the only murder that seemed to bother him; that in this endless litany of atrocities, what got to him was an episode of purely psychological torture, with possible religious overtones. I always wondered what went on during that time, and thought it would make for an interesting story — almost like a one-act, two-person play.

With, as it turns out, one more drop-in guest.

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