Hooray for Bollywood!

by Brian on August 14, 2012

in Fiction

It’s official: Crime novel Mad Dogs has been optioned for film by writer/director Apratim Khare, of the Indian film industry. Not Indian as in Columbus’ “Wow, did I ever get it wrong, but let’s call the people here that anyway” exercise in mislabeling. No. Indian as in 12 time zones between Mumbai and the Rocky Mountains.

Now just imagine this with a lot of guns and swords.

It’s possible your first assumption about this may be the same as mine: that, if made, it would be foreign filmmakers taking on this story of uniquely American cultural craziness.

Nuh uh.

Instead, with its storyline DNA involving a culture that will make a celebrity out of anybody, for anything, Apratim Khare finds it absolutely relevant to today’s India, as well.

Which I find kind of amazing (and I did a blog post about it that goes into greater detail). This has been a great refresher course in the power of story to reach around to, quite literally, the other side of the world, and still connect right where it matters.

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