Hypothesis proven: You CAN write a book by accident.

by Brian on August 7, 2012

in Fiction

It sounded so simple: write a story for Cemetery Dance magazine’s upcoming end-of-the-world issue. Which is a great idea to begin with: round up a number of their favorite authors who’ve destroyed civilization at least once before, and let them have another go at it.

And they were kind enough to ask, and all.

Except, by the time I was finished, the piece was over 3 times the requested word limit. Ooops.

Managing editor Brian Freeman’s solution: excerpt it for the magazine, and print the whole thing as one of CD’s exquisite Signature Series, with cover art and interior illustrations by Erin Wells, who’s an ideal match for the material.

So now “The Weight of the Dead” has become The Weight of the Dead. Coming autumn 2013.

Among other things.

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