Without Purpose, Without Pity Hardcover: Good New, Bad News

by Brian on June 29, 2012

in Fiction

The sweet, luscious fruits of many months of hard labor — my own, as well as that of numerous invaluable others — are beginning to pop out on the vine. Let’s start with this one.

Office manager Loki feigns nonchalance over the new book.

The good news? The 200-page hardcover of my novella Without Purpose, Without Pity has been released, and it’s just the cutest little thing.

The bad news? If you were waiting until it was in the physical realm to pick it up, you’re too late. The print run was pretty much sold out on publication. Sorry.

Out of luck? Not necessarily. Remember, it’s all about the e-books now, and those things can replicate like bird flu.

To soothe the sting, just drop by the book’s info page at the publisher’s site, and it will teleport you to the direct download pages for Kindle, iPad, and every other e-reader known to humanity.

And if you’re on the fence, maybe this review or that one can knock you off.

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