Big Bunch of News, Part 4: Cover for Without Purpose, Without Pity

by Brian on February 14, 2012

in Fiction

What we have here is the freshly minted and entirely tremendous wraparound cover for my upcoming novella from Delirium Books, courtesy of artist Daniele Serra. It’s my first cover by him, and I hope it won’t be the last.

To recap, Without Purpose, Without Pity runs nigh on 28,000 words, so yeah, it has some meat to it. It’s now the longest not-a-full-novel that I’ve done, edging out “As Above, So Below,” recently seen as Miss 1998 in The Century’s Best Horror Fiction, and weighing in at a trifling 23,400 words.

I’m proofing the galleys this week, so everything’s on track for a June release in hardcover and general e-book, and possibly an early Kindle Exclusive in March.

Click the skinnyfied version below to pop open a larger view.

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