Freshly turned in … a story I’ve wanted to write for 15 years

by Brian on December 10, 2011

in Fiction

Slated for next autumn is a new short story, “For I Must Be About My Father’s Work.” Trustee for this one is Nancy Kilpatrick, wearing her editor’s hat for the anthology Danse Macabre. Look for this one in fall 2012, from Canadian publisher EDGE.

Richard Kuklinksi, a.k.a. "The Iceman." Heart not included.

The genesis of this one dates back to pair of documentaries that HBO ran in the 1990s, called The Iceman Tapes. A simple set-up, just Richard Kuklinksi — one of the most chilling individuals who’s ever lived — talking from prison about his life as a mob killer.

Strange but true: Among his seemingly endless, and endlessly savage, string of murders, the only one he regretted was one in which he let a man await his own killing, to see if God would answer his prayers to save him.

“I shouldn’t have done it that way,” Kuklinksi said, clearly bothered by the recollection.

That always fascinated me. I always thought there was a story in that. Now, finally, there is.

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