In the Negative Spaces

DARK-CITY-Cover360With Dark City, Gerard Houarner and I were each given half a book to play with. I spent all my words in one place, a single, epic novella of cosmic horror called “In the Negative Spaces.” Gerard split his half in two, with “Burning Bright in the Invisible Night” and “The Fear Puppet.”

In the Negative Spaces

“She remembered a time when she was fearless.”

Wendy Weil: Escaping an abusive marriage has meant cutting ties with everything she knew … except for the brother who provides her a place to land, and remember who she used to be.

The Krammer Building: 42 stories of premium Manhattan real estate, exclusive, luxurious … and surprisingly empty.

“I dreamed my soul was a fixed point in two worlds.”

When Wendy discovers a stranger’s therapeutic dream journal, she doesn’t only become obsessed with locating its author. She also finds herself pulled with escalating gravity toward a dimension of alternate evolution, on a collision course with all the secrets that can grow and hide in the negative spaces.

“My soul is a quantum point that has begun to oscillate between worlds … and the oscillations are getting wider.”

When the worst storms hit, sometimes the surest way of saving yourself is to save someone else.

And when worlds collide, being fearless doesn’t matter nearly as much as turning fierce.

Burning Bright in the Invisible Night

When the world one day falls apart, and you’ve searched for what’s been lost, what will you wait for to come home that night?

The Fear Puppet

The Turning echoes in the bones, lingers on the flesh. It lives, it booms, in the twitching of muscle and in dreams. In the time after the Turning, the missing haunt the ones who remain as much as the living haunt themselves. In the time after the Turning, it’s not the monsters that need to be feared. The choice, when everything’s changed for sackcloth orphans as much as Investigators, is in what comes next that must be feared.