Change of Address, E-mail Edition

by Brian on January 28, 2022

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I’ve taken care of it behind the scenes, updating the links here and there. But it bears mentioning out loud, too: I’ve just changed the e-mail address for connecting with me through this site. Want the new one? Click here. If I spell it out, content scrapers will just feed it to spammers.

EmailLogo265I appreciate every single one of you, past present and future, who have gotten in touch for various reasons, not the least of which is to inquire about The Immaculate Void and Skidding Into Oblivion while they’re in this weird limbo. But the address that’s been used all this time is likely to go defunct any day now.

For as long as I’ve had this site, e-mail service has been a built-in part of GoDaddy’s hosting plan. No longer. They’ve opted to axe their former e-mail service, move everything to Microsoft 365, and charge an additional premium on top of the hosting plan costs.

I choose not to play. Not to reward the practice of raising rates for delivering less. I’ve already been inclined to move to a new host when the current term is up for renewal, and would like to overhaul the whole thing anyway. It’s overdue for that.

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