The Year’s-Best Trifecta: Achievement Unlocked

by Brian on April 13, 2017

in Fiction

I never expected it to shake out quite this way.

YBDFH_2017(175)For a few years, just to have something to shoot for, it’s been an unspoken stretch goal to see three separate stories make it into various year’s best editions. Which seemed as though that would take three different anthologies.

First, it was Paula Guran with her pick of “Mommy’s Little Man” for The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2017. That’s one.

Next it was Ellen Datlow seeing fit to drop “It’s All the Same Road in the End” into The Best Horror of the Year Volume 9. That’s two.

BHoY_v9(175)And then, a couple weeks later, came Ellen’s gobsmacking followup that she would also be concluding the book with “On These Blackened Shores of Time.” One author represented by two stories in the same volume…? That almost never happens.

But there it is. Three is three.

Coming in June and July. Maybe I’ll even be off the fainting couch by then.

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