Dawn of Heresies: New Novel Alert!

by Brian on January 18, 2017

in Fiction

When my back was turned this past weekend, they sneaked out my newest novel.

Dawn_Of_Heresies_265Like the Hellboy novel I did some years back, Dawn of Heresies is the result of what I call getting to play in someone else’s yard … in this instance, the White Wolf gaming universe in general, and specifically, the world of Mummy: the Curse, as put together by world-builder extraordinaire C.A. Suleiman. Who was also behind this recent anthology, to great effect.

But I had an uncommonly long leash. As long as the book hit a couple of major reveals about the way that world works and how it came to exist, it could be 100% my storyline and characters.

Hence, a novel that takes place in parallel timelines both today and at the end of the last Ice Age, with repercussions stretching across more than 12,000 years. And I worked very hard to make it accessible to someone who has no familiarity with the game at all.

Hardcopies and e-book formats available here.

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