“Mommy’s Little Man” — Now Exclusively at DarkFuse Magazine

by Brian on December 1, 2016

in Fiction

I think it took less time for me to say yes to the invitation, write this brand new story, then see it fast-tracked to publication, than it has for me to post about it here. Ulp.

mommys-little-man265If you’re a DarkFuse subscriber, this new foray into x-treme family dysfunction is ready and waiting for you there. If not, you can still get to it via a pay-per-access one-off.

Funny thing … I’ve spent so long stretching out at novelette-to-novel lengths that I wasn’t sure I even remembered how to write something this concise and punchy.

To make it really difficult, the point-of-view is that of a 14-year-old girl, something I’m pretty sure I’ve never been close to being. So this benefitted immensely from an invaluable team of beta readers who volunteered to point out what could use some tweaking to get the voice, viewpoint, and so on as authentic as I could make them. Undying graditudinals to:

Judi B. Castro, Jemiah Jefferson, Nanci Kalanta, Becky LeJeune, Kado Petoud, Doungjai Gam Piscitelli, Loren Rhoads, Martel Sardina & her daughter Linnea, Jennifer Williams, and Jaclyn Zappone.

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