2113 – Stories Inspired by the Music of Rush: “The Burning Times v2.0”

by Brian on April 26, 2016

in Fiction

The bands and musicians I love are legion, but Rush is the one band that has inspired me nonstop throughout practically my entire life, somehow remaining constant while always evolving. Always meeting me wherever I’ve been at the time.

2113-Cover(265)Every book and project I get to be part of is a privilege, but this one feels doubly so. I got to write a story inspired by one of my top favorite Rush songs, “Witch Hunt,” and took it so closely to heart that even before it was officially published, a practicing witch got in touch to tell me I got it right.

On the other hand, given that everybody relates to songs in their own way, I expect this book to be more polarizing than most anthologies. Kid you not, soon after the advanced reading copies came out, in the same hour I saw (a) someone bitching that most of the contributors adhered too closely to the songs for inspiration, and (b) someone bitching that most of the stories bore little or no resemblance to the songs that inspired them.

There’s no pleasing everyone, of course … but I hope it pleases you.


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