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by Brian on February 26, 2016

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Further carryover from late 2015: Cat, of the Cat After Dark book blog, manages to come up with author interview questions I’ll bet most writers have never been asked before. She put me through the paces, too. And if you poke around, you might find a sweet capsule review of the novella “In the Negative Spaces” from Dark City.

RueMorgue161(265)Then, over at Rue Morgue magazine, the November issue celebrated the 125th birthday of H.P. Lovecraft. Since the old man isn’t here to speak for himself, a handful of us were called on to do it for him. I was honored to be asked to weigh in on HPL and his legacy, along with authors Thomas Ligotti, Charles Stross, and Simon Strantzas; editor Stephen Jones; and scholars S.T. Joshi and Jeffrey A. Weinstock.

An online rejiggering of the whole thing includes most of us from the print version, and adds thoughts from editor Ellen Datlow and author Gemma Files.

Because interviews always get pulled apart and the pieces recontextualized for a round table like this, here’s my Q&A in its original form. Some of it actually makes more sense that way.

And finally: Sometime when my back was turned, I apparently became some sort of minor Lovecraft authority. How else to explain not just the Rue Morgue thing, but also the student from the Ursuline Academy getting in touch this month for an interview about Lovecraft and cosmic horror for a school project? She asked great questions! So here’s that.

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