2113: Stories Inspired by the Music of Rush: The first taste is (almost) free

by Brian on February 18, 2016

in Fiction

Here’s a bit of sweetness for whole big overlapping bunches of you: Rush fans, sf/fantasy fans, fans of any and all of the 18 of us whose work makes up the forthcoming book 2113: Stories Inspired by the Music of Rush.

2113_Sampler(265)First, the publisher has issued a limited edition sampler containing co-editor John McFetridge’s story “Random Access Memory,” inspired by the song “Lakeside Park.” For as long as they last, you can nab this collector’s item for just the cost of shipping, through the web site of other co-editor Kevin J. Anderson. Who has a bit more to say about it here.

Second, all kinds of ecstatic would be the order of the day if this book were to hit the ground running in April with at least 2113 copies pre-ordered before it drops. If you’re inclined to get it later, there are Reasons and Forces at work such that sooner is better. Lock it in now, and April will be kind to you.

And, we hope, the rest of us.


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