The Monstrous: “Our Turn Too Will One Day Come”

by Brian on January 12, 2016

in Fiction

Happiest of new years to you, and as we play catch-up on recent business, this has been out for a bit — Ellen Datlow’s latest lovely excursion into all things monstrous. My corner of it is “Our Turn Too Will One Day Come,” another float in my endless parade of really messed up families, originally published in John Pelan’s Darkside 5: Alone on the Darkside.

Monstrous(265)Had to bite my tongue at a recent review, though, in which the reviewer liked my beasties, but just couldn’t buy the connection I was trying to draw between Estes Park, CO, and the Scottish Highlands. Ummm, I don’t have to draw anything. The connection is there already, whether the reviewer is buying it or not. Every September there’s even a big Scottish festival up there, complete with Highland games.

More direct to the inspiration for the story itself, my favorite trailhead from which to hike lies at the end of a road called MacGregor Drive, which leads through the one-time ranch land of some prominent homesteaders from the 1870s.

MacGregor … you know, as in Clan MacGregor … Rob Roy MacGregor…

The lesson: If you’re going to spout off against something, make sure your argument is a little more substantial than a huffy, “Well, that can’t be!”


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