Behind the Scenes: “Eternal, Ever Since Wednesday”

by Brian on June 12, 2015

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New feature alert. For that subset of readers with an itch to peek inside the factory to see how the sausage gets made, this is for you. I choose to think it could be more than self-indulgent wankery … that along the way, you might get steered toward a secret ingredient or two that went into the mix, and decide it’s worth checking out at the source.

ChildsXmasAs I mentioned previously, the new Better Weird anthology was conceived as a tribute to the late David B. Silva, who meant a great deal to a great many people. He published 7 or 8 of my earliest stories, and I wanted what I did to reflect that heritage. Problem was, I’ve written upwards of 100 more since then, and a number of books, and don’t much feel like the same person — let alone the same writer — anymore.

But I could at least try to work the same way. Which, back then, usually meant grappling onto a stupidly simple idea and milking it for as much I could. This time, all I had to do was look out the window. It was late winter, and had been snowing for days.

Idea: What if it didn’t stop?

It really was that simple.

The title, “Eternal, Ever Since Wednesday,” is how poet Dylan Thomas describes the latest snowfall in his classic reminiscence “A Child’s Christmas In Wales.” Under our roof, late every December 25th, we give that another listen. The print edition is magical enough, but better still is hearing Thomas read it himself, in a recording from 1952. The man had a voice fit to coax and command angels.

Early in my own story, I wanted to capture the same sort of magic I remembered from snow days, all the way from gradeschool through college … before too much of a good thing turns into a nightmare, and winter takes hold within as well as from without.

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