2113: Letting My Geek Flag Fly

by Brian on January 19, 2015

in Fiction

2015 is shaping up to be a busy year with a highly ambitious schedule. One of those projects may be small in scale — my part, at least — but my stoked-factor is mighty.

Rush-Then-&-NowI’m one of 16+2 writers brought on board for 2113: Stories Inspired By The Music of Rush, to be edited by Kevin J. Anderson. It’s all happening with the blessings of the band, in particular drummer extraordinaire Neil Peart, with whom Kevin worked on a novel based on Rush’s latest album, Clockwork Angels. See more here, in Kevin’s neighborhood.

As no other band has, Rush seems to have been with me throughout my entire life — definitely since adolescence on. They’ve accompanied everything from high school misadventures to my weekly IT maintenance routines on our home network. I never had to rediscover them. They never downshifted into a nostalgia act, coasting on past glories and the fumes of diminishing expectations. They’ve always been there as an ongoing, vital presence, with more to look forward to.

The song I’ve chosen for this book is “Witch Hunt,” from Moving Pictures. It’s been a favorite ever since I first heard it in my dorm room my first year at the University of Illinois. For my tastes, it’s the most ominous track Rush has ever done. So that’s fitting. The dirge-like, plodding pace was a departure for them; as a keyboards geek, I loved the epic Oberheim synth chords of doom; and lyrically, it remains as chilling as ever.

Yeah, this one:

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