New Story Alert: “Cures For A Sickened World”

by Brian on September 13, 2014

in Fiction

Freshly baked this month by England’s Spectral Press is The Spectral Book of Horror Stories … which editor and way-back-in-the-long-ago fellow Dell/Abyss author Mark Morris hopes is the first of an ongoing series. So buy the thing already and help make that a reality!

SpectralBOH(250)My piece? “Cures For A Sickened World,” it’s called, and you could think of it as a love letter to smug haters everywhere. Remember that line of Patrick Swayze’s from Roadhouse: “Be nice, until it’s time to not be nice”…? Yeah, that time is shrinking in the rear view mirror already.

For a bit more insight into the conception process than usual, let me swipe from the short interview I gave to contributor Angela Slatter, in her customary series of Q&As with the rest of her fellow anthology residents:

“It came out of two factors that were perfectly juxtaposed. One day, on Facebook, I followed a link that author Steven Savile posted to a review of the last Coldplay album. Scathing doesn’t even begin to describe it. I don’t care anything about Coldplay — I don’t think I’ve ever heard one of their songs in its entirety. But this reviewer’s whole routine seems to be that he hates everything and everyone, and tries to be as insulting as possible, even if he has to bring your family into it. Apparently it’s supposed to be amusing.

“At the time, I happened to be devouring this big encyclopedic book on black metal. I don’t give a shit about Coldplay, but I love black metal, and as I was reading that review, I thought, ‘Hmm, how might one of those guys react to this? What if someone decided to take this reviewer’s hyperbole at face value?’ So the story emerged as this unlikely head-on collision between cosmic horror and the deterioration of journalistic integrity. And it definitely wouldn’t have happened if not for those two windows of exposure lining up the way they did.”

The Spectral Book of Horror Stories is published in the U.K., but here in the U.S. you can order it domestically through Amazon in print or for Kindle.


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