Worlds of Hurt: Live, Now With 90% More Hurtin’

by Brian on June 17, 2014

in Fiction

Once more into the breach, as another earlier book makes the transition into e-book format. DarkFuse has released Worlds of Hurt, which isn’t quite like any book I’ve done before.

WorldsOfHurt(250)You could call it a collection. Or you could call it an episodic novel, containing a novel-within-the-novel.

Mostly, though, I just think of it as an omnibus edition gathering the first four installments of my Misbegotten story cycle, which has been called “a mythos every bit as dismal and bleak as Lovecraft’s Elder Gods.” And which I’m planning on furthering later this year.

Bringing these works together in one place, rather than leaving them scattered thither and yon, will make it a lot easier to maintain accessibility as I go forward with this saga. For more details, see the book’s bibliography page.


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