Worlds of Hurt: One Mythos, No Waiting

by Brian on May 20, 2014

in Fiction

Alert readers may have noticed that the short novel World of Hurt is not yet among the books of mine that have made the transition into e-book format.


That’s because for quite some time I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. While it can stand alone, it’s still part of a larger story cycle that by now I think of as the Misbegotten mythos. Ultimately, I didn’t want to send it out without backup.

Enter DarkFuse, publisher of my recent longish works Whom the Gods Would Destroy and Without Purpose, Without Pity. Next up, we’ll be doing an omnibus edition of all four installments to date in this cycle. This gathers together, for the first time:

  • “The Alchemy of the Throat” (Bram Stoker Award finalist)
  • “The Dripping of Sundered Wineskins” (World Fantasy Award finalist)
  • “When the Bough Doesn’t Break”
  • World of Hurt

It’s win-win. Not only does a unified volume bring everything together in the same place; it will also make it easier to keep future Misbegotten works under the same roof.

Worlds of Hurt should be released sometime in the next several weeks.

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