Whom the Gods Would Destroy: Now On This Earth

by Brian on December 10, 2013

in Audio, Fiction

The new book has freshly landed courtesy of DarkFuse. I’ve described it below — and here, of course — so no need to repeat myself.

WHOM-THE-GODS-250Instead, let’s defer to another early review, which calls it “an incredibly dark tale … Hodge plays with the notion of evil versus amorality. If an advanced enough intelligence seems like a god to us humans, what do we seem like to it? … Hodge’s writing is tight and suspenseful with the right amount of jolts.”

Plus, the culmination of 6 months of noisy studio labor is yours for the taking…

WTGWD-OST-CoverThe original soundtrack I’ve done for the book is ready to go. About 38 minutes, 10 tracks in 320kbps MP3, plus a 6-page PDF booklet. From soaring space music to sounds from the cosmic abyss, from plaintive piano to ominous grandeur, from a hurtling Mellotron freakout to a tortured orchestra, it really sets the mood for personal and planetary calamity. Download it here.

It’s also up for streaming on DarkFuse’s SoundCloud channel.

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