New Story News, Part 2: Zombie Apocalypse! Fightback

by Brian on December 5, 2012

in Fiction

This autumn also brings the second volume in editor Stephen Jones’ trilogy-in-the-making about … well, the title kind of tips you off, doesn’t it? Now, what’s better than having a story in it? Having two stories in it.

The U.S. edition. Yes, the guy on the left sort of reminds me of Bruce Campbell too, circa Evil Dead 2.

Or maybe they should be called chapters. This isn’t exactly an anthology, but a mosaic novel: several authors, lots of perspectives, telling a multifaceted story through interconnected accounts via diaries, e-mails, text messages, reports, and the like. My contributions:

(1) “Fright Club” — A faux Rolling Stone article about the latest craze in combat sports. Yes, zombie cage fighting. With an offshoot idea for a reality show I’d really like to see.

The U.K. edition. Same zombies, different buildings.

(2) “Morphogenesis” — A shorter piece that opens a weird science window on the epidemiology of the dead. Which is the closest thing to an improv in a planned-out book as you can get. I pointed Steve toward a New York Times article about an excavation of a medieval plague pit in London, thinking he might find it useful for the third volume. Instead, he told me to run with it right away.

Amazon links below, or start your perusal on the book’s Facebook page.

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