Project Backlist-Into-Ebooks is finally totally completely done. Just about.

by Brian on July 20, 2012

in Fiction

Have you ever gone hiking up a really really really really high hill, and every time you got to what looked like the top from below, it wasn’t, and there was still more hill? Yeah, that’s what processing my backlist for conversion into e-book formats has felt like.

OK, so it's an old issue. Imagine a *new* Kindle.

Past tense, though, I’m relieved to say.

The other day I wrapped up work on the collection Lies & Ugliness. Just waiting now to get the cover sorted. A few weeks before that, I sent in three novels at once — Nightlife, Deathgrip, and The Darker Saints. And that pretty much wraps up the entire lot.

Pretty much? There’s still short novel World Of Hurt to go, only because I’m weighing a couple of options for how to put it out. But that one will be a doddle by comparison.

Some are available now. Others are moving through the pipeline, and will appear over the next several weeks. Except for Dark Advent, but there’s an announcement coming on that in the fall.

This project has taken … well, I don’t even want to think about how long it’s taken. It wasn’t the preliminary formatting that did it. That goes quickly. Rather, it’s that I’ve taken this as an opportunity to do a polish and line edit on every novel, every collected story. Smoothing out some rough edges, fixing glitches and lapses, tweaking things that now grate.

Why go to all this trouble, when it would’ve been infinitely easier and faster to port them over unchanged? Many of these works, the early ones especially, were done by a writer who was learning his craft in public. If you’re coming to any of them for the first time, I want them to be a better read for you while still retaining the same spirit. And if you’re revisiting them, I want you to think, “Sweet … they’re as good as I remembered.”

Now, onward to the new stuff…

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