Big Bunch of News, Part 6: We all get zombified eventually.

by Brian on February 22, 2012

in Fiction

I’ve been sitting on this one awhile, but now that the contracts have been signed, I’m free to divulge. I’ve contributed a couple of chunks to Zombie Apocalypse! Fightback, the sequel to, appropriately enough, Zombie Apocalypse! Both are what editor/creator Stephen Jones calls mosaic novels.

If the zombie apocalypse looked like this, would it really be so bad? Hah! That's what THEY want you to think!

What’s a mosaic novel again? Imagine a unified storyline that unfolds from a plurality of perspectives, through such mediums as journal entries, e-mail, video transcriptions, Twitter feeds, and the like. All done by writers handpicked for their chapters, because Steve thought each would do the greatest justice to that segment’s core idea.

My main contribution? Think the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), but with zombies. I also did a shorter origin piece, something Steve decided to work in after I sent him an article about a relevant archaeological dig going on at a medieval London plague pit.

Should be out this fall, and check out the full lineup:

Guy Adams • Peter Atkins • Anne Billson • Pat Cadigan • Peter Crowther • Les Edwards • Paul Finch • Jo Fletcher • Amanda Foubister • Christopher Fowler • Neil Gaiman • Brian Hodge • Nancy Holder • Paul McAuley • Lisa Morton • Reggie Oliver • Sarah Pinborough • John Llewellyn Probert • Robert Shearman • Michael Marshall Smith • Simon Strantzas

[Photo by Nivaldo Arruda]

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