Big Bunch of News, Part 1: Dark Advent Revisited

by Brian on January 28, 2012

in Fiction

After an abortive attempt or three in recent years, it’s finally happening: Dark Advent, my early post-apocalyptic novel, is getting the big whomping hardcover treatment, courtesy of Cemetery Dance Publications. When? Stayed tuned on that, but late this year or early next is a good place to start.

Dark Advent — one of the rare books that could double as a Halloween mask.

Suffice to say I’ve just turned in a manuscript that amounts to a brand new draft. Not to worry — the story doesn’t change, and nobody acts in unfamiliar ways, although a couple of things get expanded a bit. It’s just a more polished version, addressing the rampant immaturities of presentation in a very early work. This version will also comprise the e-book edition.

Dark Advent was my second novel written and sold, after Oasis, but the first to appear, and came out dressed in what has to be one of the Top 5 Most Inappropriate Covers Of All Time. No such comic fodder this go-around. Cover art will be handled by Vincent Chong, who did such a smashing job on last year’s Picking The Bones.

This is going to be awesome…

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