Crime watch: New short story collection and the Wild Horses e-book cover

by Brian on January 17, 2012

in Fiction

I’ve just come to an agreement with Crossroad Press to put out my fifth collection, hotter than usual on the heels of last year’s Picking The Bones. The title for now: No Law Left Unbroken.

Things are a little different with this outing compared to my previous four collections: This one will consist solely of crime fiction. Turns out I have around 85,000 words of the whacked-out stuff that have never made it into any of the earlier volumes. Which, as usual, I’ll be supplementing with new material.

And because this one’s a little different, it seems like a good time to experiment with releasing it as a digital original.

When? Too soon to say, but I’m hoping for a summer release. Bottom line, much faster than usual.

Meanwhile, over at Cemetery Dance Publications, the guilty parties have finalized the cover for the forthcoming e-book edition of my first crime novel, Wild Horses. For this one we turned back time, and ended up duplicating the original dust jacket art from the William Morrow hardcover.

Original, mind you … not what was ultimately used. There were reasons for scrapping it, but I’ve since come to wish that it was what the book had gone out with.

Compare and contrast: It’s a pretty amazing likeness:

A tale of two covers: On the left, the William Morrow original. On the right, the CD Publications replica.

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